Your product works great!
  Jim L ---James Electric

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your product. On the very first job that I used the    "Bonus Kit", I saved so much time in fishing and running wire that the kit practically paid for itself. The "No  tape tool" really sped pulling cable through the 100 ft of dropped ceiling and fishing both into and out  of adjoining rooms. The pole is a good and practical tool that will save tons of time for any installer. Thank  you for allowing me the time needed to really use this great product. If you develop any other time saving    devices, PLEASE let me know.
Craig S.---Craig's Audio Consultants

This works great!
Terry B.---Bondurant Electrical

The tool works great!!
Steve B.--- Cablelink Communications

Great product - Great support
Tom L. ---Southtown Electronics

The tool works great.
Terry P.---Jackson County Satellite

Brenda P. ---New Wave Communications

It works great. Thanks
Joe M ---Action Electronics

The tool works great!!
Leroy S. ---Allseasons Heating & Cooling

Great Product! Thanks
Bruce D. ---Custom Audio-Video Services

Thanks for a great product & fast service!!
Vicki B. ---Baty Electric

Thank you for the use of these tools they work great. I will be ordering more soon.
Douglas M. ---A Creative Theater

Yes, I do like the pole- it has solved some very difficult wiring problems.
Roger G. ---Gagnon Electric

Tool is "great".
Chris M. ---Computer Essentials

Yes the tool has been very useful on quite a few jobs I've done over the past months.
David G. ---G&G Tech Electric, Inc.

Thanks! We love the tool you sent us.
Cam F ---Camnet, Inc.

Your product works very well. Thanks
Tracy A. ---Adams Bucket Truck Service

Tool works great! What did I do without it?
John R. ---Reed Electric, Inc.

The guys love this tool.
Dana T. ---Dane Electric Co.

Very cool tool.
Ron F. ---Russian River Electric

Great Product!! Please send me info on any future products of yours. Thanks
John M. ---Mercier Electric

The tool is terrific!
Michael C. ---The Satellite Guys

This tool is a great addition to our work van. This already has saved us many hours of "fishing" cables.
Bill T. ---Thomas Electric

I have used your cable tools and they are great. I would like to commend the young man who sold the tool to me. These days you don't meet a person willing to travel about promoting a product they believe in. it was a refreshing experience for me. Sincerely,
W F Milburn ---Converged Communications, Inc.

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