The Pole

We would like to have your company test our Wire-Fishing Tool.  Our sales philosophy is simple:  Try before you buy!  We will send you a bonus kit (5 stiff poles, 3 flexible poles, 2 no-tape tools, and a grabber tool) free of charge for a 60-day trial.  You will not pay any shipping or handling fees for this kit.  If you are not satisfied after your 60-day trial, we will have the tool picked up at our expense.  The cost of the complete kit is $139.00 if you like the tool.   

Just go to the order page and put in your information or call 1-800-679-6681 to get a trial set sent out.  You will be impressed!

TOP Wire Guide

We would like to have your company try our to NEW time saving tool.  We send this tool out on the same Free 60-day trial.  The cost of the tool is $29 if you like the tool.

Our tools are covered by a full one-year warranty. We will stand by behind our product 100%.

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