Bergstrom Manufacturing has developed
this great time saving tool,
Top Wire Guide

Patent #9509127
Top Wire Guide in Junction Box
Top Wire Guide in junction box by Bergstrom Manufacturing

  • To accept and distribute wire in any direction in a junction box, with no damage to insulation and minimum stress on the wire.
  • Can be used as a pivot point for out of conduit wire fishing.

Top Wire Guide
will guide wires
through ceiling and
wall boxes.
Closed position
Top Wire Guide Closed position by Bergstrom Manufacturing

Open position
Top Wire Guide Open position by Bergstrom Manufacturing


  • The Top Wire Guide makes it much faster to pull wire with one person if necessary.
  • No need for another person to feed the wire. The wire feeds smoothly through the Top Wire Guide, so you can save time and work more effectively.
  • Installs in seconds by adjusting the Top Wire Guide slots to the existing screws on the box with the TOP up. Tighten the screw in Slot A to secure.
  Top Wire Guide Open and Closed for junction boxes TOP WIRE GUIDE is designed for the following junction boxes:
  • 4 11/16 x 4 11/16 box: use slots A and B
  • 4 square box: use slots A and B
  • Octagon box: use slots A and C
  • Junction boxes: use slots A and C -- 1 gang, 2 gang, 3 gang, etc.

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Patent #9509127

Top Wire Guide Instructions

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