Introducing the next great time saving tool
"TOP Wire Guide"
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TOP Wire Guide by Bergstrom Mfg
TOP Wire Guide
Mounts in the following electrical junction boxes:
  • 4 11/16" x 4 11/16" junction box
  • 4 square junction box
  • octagon junction box
  • 1-gang, 2-gang, 3-gang, 4-gang, 5-gang, and 6-gang, junction boxes
  • The tool is designed to accept wire from any direction and disperse wire in the junction box without damage to insulation or excessive strain on wire. 
  • Reduces sharp bends and let wires roll smoothly inside the junction box.
Typical ceiling placement on a 4-square box.

Typical wall placement on a 4-square box.

Tool works well with box mounted on walls or ceilings.
Labor Savings
  • No more need for two people to pull wire.
  • The labor savings can pay for the TOP Wire Guide in no time!
TOP Wire Guide uses:
  • Pulling wire into conduit through boxes
  • Pulling low voltage cables through ceilings, as well as up and down walls by clamping or screwing at points of turns or stress.
  • Pulling wires through:
    • LBx
    • Wire troughs
    • Light polies
    • Panel boxes
    • Bar joints
    • Crawl spaces
    • Any type of ceiling
Tool hanging from a 4-square box placed on the ceiling.

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